Monday, August 17, 2009

Funniest blog response to "Last Door" and Demons

Also, I just finished the review of Last Door. The author, K Raven Rozier, is also a screenwriter and the book reads like a movie. I couldn't stop reading! Check it out on my Examiner Page.

It's also time for the quarterly grooming of Clemenza. She's anxious to see her Petco buddies.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Demon vs Demon-free
I recently reviewed a non-fiction book called Last Door. It was all about exorcisms and removing demons, with an underlying message about how people around us can be possessed and we may never know it. I really enjoyed the book.

So now I'm obsessed with demons. As in who's got em and who don't. Instead of contemplating which of my customers has swine flu, I will now label them two ways: demon and demon-free. In fact, you could probably label EVERYTHING this way: "This ice cream is definitely demon-free."

Management is demon.
The drive thru is demon.
Retail is demon.
The Bandit is, without doubt, demon.
Food, to me, is generally demon-free. Even if it causes an unpleasant digestive feeling, it's demon-free because I will inevitably eat it again.
SYTYCD is demon-free because Janine won. And only because Janine won.
Reality TV is demon due to addictive qualities.
Clemenza is demon when she looks at you, then grabs her toy and kills it, then looks at you again. She's clearly sending messages.

Have a demon-free Friday!

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