Friday, November 20, 2009

From Chapter 11 of "Last Door," Holly in the Bathtub

BLAM! The bathroom door was thrown open, and the door knob slammed hard into the back of the wall. Holly jolted from the startling intrusion. She slumped down in the bubbles in an attempt to cover her nakedness. The water splashed at the candles and made them hiss. Brendan stood at the door, and he had very dark circles under his eyes.

“Brendan, what is it? I’m in the bath.”

Brendan glared at Holly, not saying a word.


Her irritation level was rising along with the redness in her face.

No response.


Holly’s heart beat hard now. Her anger changed to a helpless feeling of having no control. Who was this in front of her? What was happening? She sank a little lower under the water, realizing full well how completely vulnerable she was. Like small, naked prey, she felt cornered with the eyes of a predator in front of her sizing her up.

Brendan moved in closer until he was standing directly over Holly.

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