Monday, August 1, 2011

Kindle Books Author Autographs

Get your Kindle e-books autographed through Kindlegraph, a fun new feature to collect authors' personalized messages to you. Simply request an autograph from participating Kindle authors. You even get an autograph e-book where your collected signatures and messages are all together.
Last Door and Iron Desire are available for this feature. Check it out, fun!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My next speaking event is at the San Joaquin - Sisters In Crime meeting Sat. June 4, 2011.

I will be discussing screenwriting, adaptation and two of my completed projects: Last Door, an original screenplay (psychological thriller), based on a true story, and Mail Order Murder, adapted from the true crime book by Patricia Springer.

I will be selling and signing books at the meeting, and I am thrilled to spend the morning with this intriguing, mystery-loving, literary group.

Details: Yosemite Falls Cafe, 4278 W. Ashlan (near Fwy. 99), Fresno, CA 10:30 a.m.

$15 for SJ-SIC members/ $20 for non-members; lunch is included, and there are door prizes!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Media Manipulation

These are the 6 media companies that exist today. There used to be 88. These 6 all get their news from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns the AP and Rothschilds own Reuters.


Television Holdings

* NBC: includes 13 stations, 28% of US households.
* NBC Network News: The Today Show, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, NBC News at Sunrise.
* CNBC business television; MSNBC 24-hour cable and Internet news service (co-owned by NBC and Microsoft); Court TV (co-owned with Time Warner), Bravo (50%), A&E (25%), History Channel (25%).

The “MS” in MSNBC means microsoft.

Other Holdings

* GE Consumer Electronics.
* GE Power Systems: produces turbines for nuclear reactors and power plants.
* GE Plastics: produces military hardware and nuclear power equipment.
* GE Transportation Systems: runs diesel and electric trains.



Westinghouse Electric Company, part of the Nuclear Utilities Business Group of British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL)
who's #1 on the Board of Directors? None other than: Frank Carlucci (of the Carlyle Group)

Television Holdings

* CBS: includes 14 stations and over 200 affiliates in the US.
* CBS Network News: 60 minutes, 48 hours, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, CBS Morning News, Up to the Minute.
* Country Music Television, The Nashville Network, 2 regional sports networks.
* Group W Satellite Communications.

Other Holdings

* Westinghouse Electric Company: provides services to the nuclear power industry.
* Westinghouse Government Environmental Services Company: disposes of nuclear and hazardous wastes. Also operates 4 government-owned nuclear power plants in the US.
* Energy Systems: provides nuclear power plant design and maintenance.



Television Holdings

* Paramount Television, Spelling Television, MTV, VH-1, Showtime, The Movie Channel, UPN (joint owner), Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Sundance Channel (joint owner), Flix.
* 20 major market US stations.

Media Holdings

* Paramount Pictures, Paramount Home Video, Blockbuster Video, Famous Players Theatres, Paramount Parks.
* Simon & Schuster Publishing.



Television Holdings

* ABC: includes 10 stations, 24% of US households.
* ABC Network News: Prime Time Live, Nightline, 20/20, Good Morning America.
* ESPN, Lifetime Television (50%), as well as minority holdings in A&E, History Channel and E!
* Disney Channel/Disney Television, Touchtone Television.

Media Holdings

* Miramax, Touchtone Pictures.
* Magazines: Jane, Los Angeles Magazine, W, Discover.
* 3 music labels, 11 major local newspapers.
* Hyperion book publishers.
* Infoseek Internet search engine (43%).

Other Holdings

* Sid R. Bass (major shares) crude oil and gas.
* All Disney Theme Parks, Walt Disney Cruise Lines.



America Online (AOL) acquired Time Warner­the largest merger in corporate history.

Television Holdings

* CNN, HBO, Cinemax, TBS Superstation, Turner Network Television, Turner Classic Movies, Warner Brothers Television, Cartoon Network, Sega Channel, TNT, Comedy Central (50%), E! (49%), Court TV (50%).
* Largest owner of cable systems in the US with an estimated 13 million subscribers.

Media Holdings

* HBO Independent Productions, Warner Home Video, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera.
* Music: Atlantic, Elektra, Rhino, Sire, Warner Bros. Records, EMI, WEA, Sub Pop (distribution) = the world’s largest music company.
* 33 magazines including Time, Sports Illustrated, People, In Style, Fortune, Book of the Month Club, Entertainment Weekly, Life, DC Comics (50%), and MAD Magazine.

Other Holdings

* Sports: The Atlanta Braves, The Atlanta Hawks, World Championship Wrestling.



Television Holdings

* Fox Television: includes 22 stations, 50% of US households.
* Fox International: extensive worldwide cable and satellite networks include British Sky Broadcasting (40%); VOX, Germany (49.9%); Canal Fox, Latin America; FOXTEL, Australia (50%); STAR TV, Asia; IskyB, India; Bahasa Programming Ltd., Indonesia (50%); and News Broadcasting, Japan (80%).
* The Golf Channel (33%).

Media Holdings

* Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight.
* 132 newspapers (113 in Australia alone) including the New York Post, the London Times and The Australian.
* 25 magazines including TV Guide and The Weekly Standard.
* HarperCollins books.

Other Holdings

* Sports: LA Dodgers, LA Kings, LA Lakers, National Rugby League.
* Ansett Australia airlines, Ansett New Zealand airlines.
* Rupert Murdoch: Board of Directors, Philip Morris (USA).

Try something different. Alternative news sites:

Read An Ebook Week!

Read an ebook week is March 6 - March 12, 2011.
During this week, receive FREE copies of Last Door and Iron Desire only at
Happy E-reading!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chemtrail Awareness Day

Sat. Jan. 22, 2011 is Chemtrail Awareness Day. Share your thoughts in the poll to the right.

Trial By You!

Cool new site to voice your opinion about the shenanigans going on in the U.S.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Author Interview and Book Giveaway!

A new author interview with K. Raven Rozier has been posted at The Book Whisperer.

Additionally, The Book Whisperer has graciously offered to host a book giveaway for Last Door. Enter at Contest ends Dec. 1, 2010. Good luck!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Book Whisperer

Ace new book review of "Last Door" by The Book Whisperer. Be sure to check out her awesome site: and at

Last Door is a terrifying story that portrays any family’s worst nightmare. I found myself captivated by this book description, and was compelled that this was a story I just had to read. Reluctantly, I began to fear starting this novel due to my own fears of demons and possession. In an effort to overcome my fear, I dove right in. Immediately this novel had my full attention, and I was surprised to find this novel to be so much more than a story of possession. As a Christian, we are to believe "He will deliver us from evil".

Although this is a true story about what happens when evil is brought to you, this shows how the actions done by others left this family with a decision to battle evil in their own home. It is incredible that this child had undergone so much and had found a way to cope by dividing himself into over 400 separate persons. While much of this book sickened me to experience this child's abuse, through the retelling of this story, I was overcome with the urgency to press on.

Throughout all of the trials and obstacles that this family saw, I was empowered by this family and the glorious miracles they received. It is obvious that the Lord was assisting this family to heal this young boy. What an incredibly strong family this must have been to continue on untainted and faithful through such a traumatic time in their Christian lives. I see the accomplishments by this Loving family, but I am saddened that they were not able to fully recover. While life pressed on and the miracles of the Lord gave this young man a somewhat normal life, the Last Door was left closed, and this young man will never fully recover. Though as a believer I have to think that just maybe this was for the best. Only God would know if this was the better option. That maybe "The Last Door" would have been Brendan's undoing.

The Afterword was a very strong proclamation for this author; this being her attempt to show others what evil really exists in our world. It was also a stance on her own beliefs that I find to be very honorable. While I began this novel with my own fears; I concluded this novel with new feelings. Just maybe this was my own way of understanding a little better, and alleviating some of my own fears. While this is a terrible story, I praise the wonderful work of the Lord.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

20% Off At

Last Door and Iron Desire are now 20% off of the cover price when you purchase at

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Egg My House!

Here is a treat for readers, a 20% off coupon for Last Door and/or Iron Desire at Use coupon code: TRICK305 at checkout. Offer expires Nov. 1, 2010.
Sweet Savings! Happy Halloween!